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Description:- This book Analysis-II for graduate students is an outcome of long teaching experience of the subject. The bock present a thorough treatment of whit is required for the students of M.A./M.Sc., of all Indian Universities. It includes the fundamental concepts, illustrative examples and applications to various problems. These illustrative examples have been selected carefully on each topics and sufficient number of unsolved questions are provided which aims at sharpening the skill of the students. Almost every aspect of the subject Power Series. Fourier Series, The Riemann�Stieltjes Integral. Integration on R3, Series of Arbitrary Terms and Double Series, The Lebesgue Integral. Function of Two and Three Variable covered illustrated by large number of examples. It is believed that the publication will serve as useful guide not only to the under graduate and post graduate students and several universities but also for the students of appearing at the various competitive examinations.

Advanced Analysis-II

SKU: 9788171418305
  • A.K. Sharma

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