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Description:- The population problem is one of the most I fundamental human problems in our country. It poses a disastrous challenge for the existence of human race. It is a matter of anxiety for a developing country, like ours, where poverty is rampant, and economic growth is easily off-set by the ever-growing number of people. The urgent need is to check this population growth, as it will soon become hurdle in the progress and prosperity of the nation. The hopes for the better future become all the more dim and loose, if the people inhabiting the country are quite ignorant of this menacing problem with all its disastrous consequences. In order to deviate from this suicidal path, it become an urgency to be felt by all of us that we should first make ourselves aware of this problem and then voluntarily take an initiative in helping ourselves and others to develop scientific and realistic attitude. The present volume is a treatise based on the systematic study of the attitude of adults towards population education. Apart from inspiring the adults, the book is extremely invaluable to educational planners, administrators, teacher educators and those interested in the study of the population problem.

Adult Attitude Towards Population Education

SKU: 9788171417254
  • B.C. Mishra

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