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Description:- One of the dramatic changes of life is the transition from childhood into adolescence. In a very short time, the child takes on an adult-like physique and intellect. Adolescence, according some, is a peaceful period to make decisions about who one is and how one is to live one's life and, according to some other, is a time of great stress as one has to keep one's psychological balance as he/she is considered neither a child nor an adult. Whatever the physical and or psychological strains and stresses may be the adolescent has to make his/her presence in the society in a decent way as a social being. To be a good social individual, adolescent needs adequate information about adolescence. To guide the adolescents, adolescence education is necessary. This book is intended to educate the adolescents in the aspects concerned to happy adolescent living. This book-with a package of four modules on Physical Aspects, Social Aspects, Sex Roles and Sexually Transmitted Disease will give adequate knowledge and right direction to adolescents in leading their adolescent life peacefully and meaningfully.

Adolescence Education

SKU: 9788171414321
  • D.B. Rao

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