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Description:- Adjustment is a continuous process by which an individual varies his behaviour to produce a more harmonious relationship between himself and his environment. It is a condition in which the behaviour of an individual conforms to the needs of the individual and demands of the environment. In adjustment, both personal and environmental factors work side by side. An individual is adjusted if he is adjusted to himself and to his environment. The hearing impairment is one among many physical handicaps of several individuals. It affects adversely the impaired children�s performance in learning as it reduces the knowledge of the surrounding environment and the whole world. It develops language inefficiency and reduces communication ability. It may also become a source of certain adjustment problems as the individual fail to interact effectively with the people and the environment. Recognizing this, the researcher has undertaken a research study to know about the adjustment problems of the hearing impaired children. The hearing impaired children are not with much adjustment problems in home, but are with communication and emotional problems in school. The gender and type of impairment have no effect on adjustment. The children studying in integrated school have more adjustment problems than the children studying in special schools. In all, the hearing impaired children are enjoying a healthy and supportive life at home and school though there are few adjustment problems. This study will be very much useful to the policy planners, educationists, social workers, teachers and parents concerned with the hearing impaired children.

Adjustment Problems of Hearing Impaired

SKU: 9788171418312
  • J. Madhubala

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