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Description:- Adjustment and adolescence are the two sides of the same coin. As the adolescence is considered as the period of stress and storm and as the adjustment gets a shape at the age of adolescence, the adjustment of adolescents gains much attention from everyone interested in the growth and development of an individual. The adolescents struggle hard in developing proper adjustment as they are considered neither as adults nor as children. Hence, adjustment of adolescents is of special interest for study. The adolescents studying in secondary schools are possessing low adjustment which deserves due attention from teachers, parents, peers and public. The adjustment of adolescents can be enhanced by proper guidance and counselling, by making them participate in various academic and personal programmes, by allowing them to think and act as per their interest and ability, and by using direct and indirect methods of adjustment development. As an adjusted personality in an asset to the society, let all the adolescents adjust well to the environment around them.

Adjustment of Adolescents

SKU: 9788171418367
  • D.B. Rao

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