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Description:- Adjustment is a harmonious relationship of an individual to his environment which affords him comfortable life devoid of strain, stress, conflict and frustration. It consists of reactions to the demands and pressures of social environment imposed upon the individual, to which he has to react. It emphasizes the quality or efficiency of an individual where he can perform his duties in different circumstances and also emphasizes on the process by which an individual adjusts in his external environment. The adjustment process is affected and modified by the individual�s experiences and thus learning plays a significant part in aiding adjustment. Adjustment involves effective adaptation. It consists in the reduction of inner needs, stresses and strains, in this sense, adjustment could be a unique pattern depending upon the personality and the needs of the individual. As each individual differs, so his needs differ and consequently his adjustment differs. Adjustment is actually a condition or a state of mind and behaviour in which one feels that one�s needs have been, or will be, gratified. The satisfaction of these needs, however, must lie within the framework and requirements of one�s culture and society. As long as this happens, the individual remains adjusted; failing this he may drift towards maladjustment and mental illness. The present study is intended to find out the adjustment of teacher educators. The teacher educators working in Colleges of Education are with a high adjustment. Except gender, the locality, the management of the college, the experience and the age of the teacher educators did show their influence on the level of adjustment of teacher educators and they are with high adjustment than their counter parts. This study would be of great help to teacher educators, teacher education planners and administrators and heads of teacher education institutions in developing proper adjustment and make the teacher education students adjust better in all means.

Adjustment and Teacher Educators

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  • P. Praveena

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