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Description:- Science is playing a major role in the present modern technological age to satisfy the needs and desires of mankind. It, in curriculum, provides certain values which are not provided by any other subject. It takes its place side by side with other school subjects as an essential element of one�s education. This book gives a detailed information on the development of science through the ages by the contributions of philosophers, educationists, scientists, etc., throughout the world. It also concentrates on some of the major scientific events of India. Achievement is of paramount importance in any educational system. Hence the investigators are interested to study the achievement of +2 students in science. The science students excelled well in science. The residential educational system has a great influence on achievement. The authors, with their vast experience in science, have discussed about many important issues related to science education at length. This book will help the educators and researchers to pursue studies in science.

Achievement in Science

SKU: 9788171412808
  • Author: D.B. Rao

    Subject: Education

    ISBN: 9788171412808

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 1995

    Reprinted: 2018

    Pages: 160

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