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Description:- Social Studies is concerned with man and his association with society. It is a combination of various branches, namely, history, civics, economics and geography. The aim of teaching Social Studies is to help the students to acquire knowledge of their environment and understanding of human relationships and certain attitudes and values which are vital for intelligent participation in the affairs of the community, the state, the nation and the world. Social Studies is made a compulsory subject upto 10+ level identifying its role in human life. The pupils who study Social Studies quite a long time may be with a good knowledge and understanding of Social Studies to excel in academic achievement. Considering this, it is planned to probe into the achievement level of secondary school pupils in Social Studies. Social Studies achievement was average in secondary school pupils. The pupils of urban and private schools were superior in achievement than their counterparts and the sex did not play any role .in achievement. The causes for these results are many and multifaceted. Social Studies achievement can be improved by following the suggestions offered by the authors with their rich and varied experiences. This study can serve as a model to the researchers in future situations.

Achievement in Mathematics

SKU: 9788171412785
  • Author: D.B. Rao

    Subject: Education

    ISBN: 9788171412785

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 1995

    Reprinted: 2022

    Pages: 126

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