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Description:- English is one of the languages of communication which is under use globally in the fields of education, science, technology, commerce, tourism, research and so on. In India also, it has gained an important status in education at school level with the implementation of the Three Language Formula. It is also enjoying the status of an Association Language in the official business of the government. English is either a medium of instruction in many schools and or a second or third language in all secondary schools in India. When it is enjoying such a status along with Indian languages, then what will be the achievement of the pupils in English? English achievement, giving importance to this question, has been studied in a comprehensive way at secondary school level. Unfortunately, the achievement in English was low in the whole sample. This pupils of urban, private, residential and English medium schools and boys were superior in achievement than their counterparts. The reasons for this were many and multifarious. English literature and language have been served in this book like a feast to swallow with great pleasure. The authors have presented valuable insights to enhance English achievement.

Achievement in English

SKU: 9788171412839
  • Author: D.B. Rao

    Subject: Education

    ISBN: 9788171412839

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 1995

    Reprinted: 2017

    Pages: 214

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