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The purpose of the book entitled “Accounting Technology” is to provide an overview of the latest and upcoming trends in the field of accounting, particularly in relation to technological advancements. The book focuses on three main areas of technology that are relevant to accounting: cloud computing, big data and analytics, and mobile technologies. The book highlights how the use of technology in accounting has increased significantly in recent years, driven by the increasing availability and affordability of computer technologies. This has led to the development of integrated information systems for accounting data, which has made it easier to produce administrative-purpose information for businesses. Finally, the book aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the ways in which technology is transforming the field of accounting and the opportunities and challenges that this presents for businesses and accounting professionals.The editor has collected reliable and scientifically proven information from various credible sources to provide readers with the latest and most accurate information available. The book is a compilation of contributions from various experts in the field, and the editor expresses gratitude to these contributors for sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Accounting Technology

SKU: 9788119205776
  • Author: Xavier Dias

    ISBN: 9788119205776

    Subject: Accountancy

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 216

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