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Description:- Higher secondary education plays a very significant role in every individual life since after this education all decisions are made for the future. Students need proper guidance for the management of their time and efforts for better prospects. The study habits individually cultivated by them are likely to determine the level of their success. High self-esteem quickens the work, while low self-esteem slowed down the work leads to low motivation, and inhibits the capacity of human beings to care for themselves, Hence a growing number of people in society no longer have sufficient energy power or means of self reliance (mentally or physically) and have to rely on state provision.

Academic Achievement and its Influencing Factors

SKU: 9789350562321
  • Author: D.Shivakumar

    Subject: Education

    ISBN: 9789350562321

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2013


    Pages: 2020

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