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Book Description: Cryogenics, a new branch of fundamental and applied science, is having a very strong impact on technology and industrial production. This book is prepared on various sections of cryogenics: properties of cryogenic products and solid bodies at low temperatures, methods of internal cooling, heat transfer at low temperatures, gas liquefaction and separation, micro-cryogenic systems, storage and transport of cryogenic fluids, and cryogenic systems for scientific research and development. This book will be very much useful to the students, engineers, technologists, researchers in answering questions concerning to power engineering, electronics, nuclear and rocket space technology, metallurgy, chemistry, agriculture, medicine, biology, industry and scientific researches.

A Text Book of Cryogenics

SKU: 9788171416424
  • Author: Valery V. Kostionk

    Subject: Military Science

    ISBN: 9788171416424

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2003

    Reprinted: 2019

    Pages: 288

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