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Within the pages of �Vibrations and Waves,� the focus lies on the vibrations of continuous systems, catering to students studying continuous system dynamics at the senior undergraduate and graduate levels. This book serves as a comprehensive resource for those undertaking an undergraduate course dedicated to vibrations and waves. However, it is not solely confined to introductory instruction; it also serves as a valuable reference for more advanced topics and applications encountered in subsequent stages of learning.Throughout the book, students are guided through a progression of concepts, gradually building upon their foundational knowledge. Beginning with the fundamentals of simple harmonic motion and oscillatory systems, readers embark on a journey through more complex topics such as wave propagation, wave equations, and boundary conditions. Moreover, the book explores various types of waves, including mechanical waves, sound waves, and electromagnetic waves, enabling students to grasp the breadth of wave phenomena.

Vibrations and Waves

SKU: 9788119365050
  • Savio Rozario

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