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Islam lays its foundation on certain principles. The fundamentals of the faith, such as; basic principles, principles of unity, holy angels, holy books, the messengers and life-after-death are all significant in their own right. The religious planks of Islamic faith, such as; Iman (the belief), Salat (the prayer) Saum (the fast) Zakat (the alms) and Hajj (the pilgrimage), are very important. Islamic Philosophy pertains to the diverse aspects of knowledge of Islam. The last and final religion, Islam is the culmination of the good teachings of all the heavenly creeds of the world ab initio.

Spirit of Islam

SKU: 9789350564943
  • Author: Mohd. M. Khan

    ISBN: 9789350564943


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2014

    Pages: 310

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