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In the 20th century, shipbuilding emerged as a crucial industry in many countries, encompassing shipyards, marine equipment manufacturers, and related service providers. This growth was driven by several factors such as the shipyard’s demand for skilled workers, which also stimulated supporting industries like steel mills and engine manufacturers. The necessity for nations to independently build and repair their navy and vessels supporting their primary industries. During periods of global financial crisis, it becomes crucial for governments to provide support to the shipbuilding industry. The shifting global demographics and population growth rates, combined with long-term economic growth in developing markets, will have implications for the maritime sector in the coming decade. The rise of the middle class in emerging economies across Asia, Africa, and Latin America will lead to increased disposable incomes and a surge in demand for imported commodities and finished goods.
The book gathers the expertise of renowned writers in the field. It offers a comprehensive volume suitable for marine engineers, naval architects, and professionals involved in the industry. This inclusive resource covers various aspects of shipbuilding, including routine operations and construction techniques. It caters to a broad audience, providing valuable insights and knowledge to enhance the understanding and practices of ship building professionals.

Ships and Ship Routines and Construction

SKU: 9788119365586
  • Author: Robert Pinto

    ISBN: 9788119365586


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 264

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