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Shipboard personnel play a critical role in training and management within the maritime industry. Their responsibilities span from training new recruits to managing onboard resources; monitoring crew welfare to handling crisis situations effectively. The collective efforts of these personnel ensure smooth operations, compliance with regulations, and ultimately a safe and efficient maritime environment. The objective of this compilation is to provide comprehensive guidance on effectively managing and maintaining personnel aboard ships. This book aims to offer ship owners, managers, and personnel officers a wealth of information and resources necessary for efficient crew selection, training, welfare, performance assessment, and disciplinary procedures. Through meticulous research and analysis, this reference book outlines best practices in ensuring a harmonious onboard environment while maximizing productivity. It explores various strategies for resolving conflicts, improving communication channels among crew members, providing essential logistical support systems for employee well-being at sea. Additionally elucidating legal obligations imposed by international standards regulating onboard employment conditions through practical examples alongside relevant maritime laws.

Shipboard Personnel Management

SKU: 9788119677245
  • Author: Paul Dsouza

    ISBN: 9788119677245


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 236

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