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Reservoir engineering is a critical discipline in the petroleum industry, focusing on the efficient extraction of oil and gas reserves from subsurface reservoirs. The overarching goal is to optimize the recovery process while simultaneouslyminimizing costs and maximizing profitability.
This comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for reservoir engineers, offering a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts and practical applications in the field. It has been crafted by experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, ensuring that it provides up- to-date insights and practical knowledge. It covers topics such as fluid flow in porous media, rock and fluid properties, and the behavior of hydrocarbon reservoirs. This foundational knowledge is crucial for engineers to grasp the complexities of reservoir behavior and develop effective strategies for extraction.
The guide then delves into the practical aspects of reservoir engineering. It outlines the various techniques and methodologies used to evaluate reservoirs, including well testing, pressure transient analysis, and reservoir simulation. These tools enable engineers to assess reservoir characteristics, estimate reserves, and optimize production strategies.
Furthermore, the book addresses the challenges and uncertainties that reservoir engineers encounter in real- world scenarios. It explores techniques for reservoir characterization, data analysis, and risk assessment, enabling engineers to make informed decisions in the face of uncertainty.

Reservoir Engineering

SKU: 9788119365999
  • Author: Selvin Fernandes

    ISBN: 9788119365999


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2024

    Pages: 284

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