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The present book provides a lucid introduction to GIS and its ‘sister’ technique – remote sensing. From the midst of a plethora of information on the techniques, tools, and applications the authors have picked up the most essential and the most representative parts. The material has then been presented in a clear, crisp, and engaging manner. After several chapters on GIS and remote sensing the book moves on to the application of these techniques to wetland management. Once again the authors have marshaled their vast expertise and experience in creating a blend of clarity and sophistication which is at once interesting to read, easy to follow, and high on its knowledge contant.  Given the importance of wetlands in sustaining our existence, and the versatility of GIS as a means of managing them, the book becomes doubly useful.

Remote Sensing, GIS and Wetland Management

SKU: 9788183565837
  • Author: Tasneem Abbasi

    ISBN: 9788183565837



    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2010

    Reprinted: 2022

    Pages: 414

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