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The concept of human development and health is complex and multidimensional and most interesting also Most of us understand the role of psychology in the health care system of the community. The influence of individual values on directing health behavior is the subject often confirmed by psychologists, but in relation to the health behavior far from wisdom less studies has been performed.  People have problems and present directly to a psychologist for health care and it has close relationship with human development. Human development index (HDI) is widely used to measure the standard of living of a country focusing public health of nay society. There is a need to work at the community level to address theses public health issues. 

Public Health and Psychology: New Debates

SKU: 9789350564851
  • Author: Lancy D Souza

    ISBN: 9789350564851


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2014

    Pages: 304

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