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The present title “Plant Proteomics” has been written for undergraduate and post-graduate students of all Indian Universities. It deals with the sequential study of plant proteins, plant phosphoproteomics, proteomic study of Nicotiana tabacum, and proteomic analysis etc. The present title provides a comprehensive and summative formats, objective information on proteomic analysis from the most reliable sources, with an emphasis on information not readily available elsewhere. It is hoped that this title will also be used to solve clinical or pharmaceutical problems involving natural dietary supplements, promote dialogue between health care professionals and patients, and stimulate intellectual curiosity about these products, fostering further research into their therapeutic and adverse effects.

Plant Proteomics

SKU: 9789350561997
  • Author: Pooja

    ISBN: 9789350561997


    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 2013

    Pages: 312

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