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At a glance, education and administration appear to be two different disciplines. But, education requires perfect administration, while adminis-tration needs administrators, who should necessarily be highly educated. Thus, both are inter-related.
Administration is the area of education is a difficult job. Normally administration is based on the plank of tough handling and strict discipline, often imposed by force. It is here, where ordinary administration differs from educational administration. Educational administration cannot work successfully with a harsh attitude and a heavy hand. Educational institutions are run in a democratic and empirical manner. That?s why, educational administrators should first of all be educationists and then administrators.
The above said distinction makes Educational Administration, a different discipline. Today, all good teachers are required to be able administrators, so that they can hold positions of authority, where they have to take important decisions and execute them successfully.
There is a dearth of good books on Educational Administration, as a separate discipline. Hence, this comprehensive book, which covers all the aspects and dimensions of this relatively new but vast subject.
Hopefully, this book would serve as a textbook and as well as a good reference for teachers, teacher-students and students in general.

Educational Administration

SKU: 9788171418428
  • D.B. Rao
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