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Education, employment and human resource development are thickly interwoven. One influences much the other and one supports the other in its effectiveness. Proper education provided to people helps them in getting appropriate employment and in excelling in it. The inservice education programmes enhance the efficiency of employees and contribute to the purposeful human resource development. Any deficiency in education leads to the production of inefficient human resources and these resources do not adequately meet the employment opportunities. So the educational programmes and human resource development activities should consider the requirements of employment avenues. If these trio are monitored effectively the products of employment will be upto the expectations of the clientele.
This book on ?education, employment and human resource development? provides the worldwide expertise. This books helps the teachers, administrators and planners in planning their programmes effectively and suitably.

Education, Employment and Human Resource Development

SKU: 9788171416813
  • D.B. Rao
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