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Acquired Capabilities of farming community play an important in modernizing agriculture and also serve as effective means of production. The level and distribution of inherited capabilities tend to be not in variance for large population. But the acquired capabilities have to be necessarily acquired through formal institutions. Several studies pointed out that it is appropriate to acquire necessary skills and knowledge during personality formative stage itself
The main difference between traditional and modern agriculture lies in the use of different factors of production. The former use of traditional factors of production which have been in existence for a long time while the latter use of modern ones which keep on changing in form and content. Therefore, the problem of sericulture development at present is as to how to equip the firmer with adequate and modern factors of production and how best fanners adopt and absorb these in their farming activities. So to say this is possible through effective system of schooling and appropriate training modules. In other words, an investment in human capital has a great role to play in sericulture development.
The central aim of this book is to examine the role of human capital in sericulture development and study the impact on socio-economic conditions of farming community. It is found from the present study that the sustainable development is made possible with the help of human capital investments. It is also found that high level of managerial skills, knowledge and modern inputs are equally important to maximise the production levels in mulberry cultivation and cocoon rearing activities.
It is with this premise that the role and impact of education for agricultural development particularly in sericulture is well documented. The educated farmers with a wide spectrum of exposure will have an advantage to follow the required innovative measures and use technological inputs to achieve greater efficiency and productivity levels in sericulture.

Education and Development

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  • K.S. Chandra
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