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'Dimensions of Gender Problems: Policies and Prospects' is the outcome of the papers contributed by eminent scholars in the filed social science. There are 14 selected papers relating to the various issues on gender problem. Women are constantly living under pressure of the incidents like distorted personality development due to discrimination, threat of or actual occurrences of deception, rape, kidnapping, dowry tortures, murder, etc. The contributors of this volume drawn from different faculties have presented their well considered judicious views in rare style on various issues pertaining to development of society. The study is of paramount importance in understanding and formulating policy relating to various dimensions related to gender problems. It is hoped that researchers of social science, women studies, developmental studies, population studies and general readers interested in the problem would appreciate the work.

Dimensions of Gender Problems: Policies and Prospects

SKU: 9788183561921
  • Deepak Bishoyi
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