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The Concept of creativity and the question of its nurturance has evoked considerable interest among researchers in education and psychology lately, all over the world and has become vitally important now because the curriculum and teaching techniques in the country are undergoing extensive re-examination and revision.
Cognitive styles are pattern of thought and behaviour which influences learning and problem solving techniques. Knowing about the cognitive styles are important because appropriate decisions can be made regarding the development of suitable education programme.
This scholarly work is an innovative attempt to study the certain factors influencing creativity and cognitive styles in tribal and non-tribal children.
The book provides access to the valuable material which is scarcely found in any one place and which is indispensable for research workers in the field of creativity and cognitive styles.
In general it is a well illustrated and the most informative reference work. This book will cater to the needs of teachers, teacher educators, educational planners, administrators, research scholars and students.

Creativity and Cognitive Styles in Children

SKU: 9788171413331
  • A. Kusuma
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