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Islam is the very first, as well as the final religion, gifted to mankind by Allah, the Almighty. It
is a different matter that the Holy Messengers (Pbut) who brought Islam in various periods of
time were distinct by names, physical appearance, places of birth and belonged to different
cultural backgrounds. However, the mission on which all of them embarked was one and the
same ? leading life strictly as per the injunctions of holy scriptures, endowed to them. If we go
through the pages of Islamic history, from the very first period, down to the present hour, we
would come to know that the teachings and do?s and don?ts by these various Messengers taught
their respective peoples, were almost the same, barring a few variations as for the requirements
of the geographical, social or other conditions.

Concept of Islamic Wisdom

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  • M.R. Khan
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