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The objectives of teaching English at the secondary school level are to develop the four basic language skills in English namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Keeping in view the necessary goals of teaching and learning English at the secondary school level, different commissions and committees opined that English teachers are the most powerful instruments in bringing about any reform in English Language Teaching. Therefore, the secondary school learners need to be provided with opportunities to develop the four basic skills by being exposed to situations where the emphasis should be on using their valuable resources for communicating efficiently and economically. Hence, the author avers that the language should be taught in a developmental sequence to enable the learner to acquire sufficient proficiency in both the spoken and written modes of language by the teachers of English. This means that communicative competence is to be developed among the secondary school learners. Hence the need of the hour is to think of a new strategy or approach like ?Communicative Approach? to bridge the gap between the two, namely, the theory and the practice.
The author found it worth while to conduct an experiment in order to find out whether communicative competence in written English among secondary school learners could be developed by designing an appropriate strategy through Communicative Approach. The present study is, therefore, an ardent effort in this direction.
This book provides access to valuable materials which is scarcely found in any one place and which is indispensable for researchers in the field of communicative competence and communicative approach. In general, it is well illustrated and an informative reference work. This book will cater to the needs of teachers, teacher educators, educational planners, administrators, research scholars and students.

Communicative Competence in English

SKU: 9788171417452
  • Sobhna N.
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