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This book serves as an invaluable resource for chemical and materials engineering students seeking a strong foundation in materials engineering and science. It provides a comprehensive overview of the structure and properties of materials such as ceramics/glass, polymers, composites, bio-materials, as well as metals and alloys. The content explores and discusses a range of topics on the physical and mechanical properties of chemical engineering materials, making it an ideal resource for those seeking versatility within the fields of processing and production. Furthermore, the study of both Chemical and Materials Engineering equips individuals with the necessary skills to transform a basic academic education into professional engineering skills. Graduates can embark on careers that cover a wide range of industries, including energy, minerals, environmental engineering, waste minimization and treatment, nanomaterials, biotechnology, and more. The book delves into advanced polymer and composite systems and evaluates their structures and functions with respect to improved or novel performance. This is important because these materials play a critical role in numerous industrial applications, including aerospace, automotive, construction, and electronics. The potential implications of these developments for the future are also explored, providing readers with a glimpse into the exciting world of materials science and engineering.

Chemical Materials Engineering

SKU: 9788119205158
  • James Dsouza
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