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The present title Biotechnology of Plant Tissues has been designed for all those under-graduates, post-graduates and technicians who wish to know and use the principles and techniques of modern biotechnology. This text provides the essential knowledge of the core processes involved in the cultivation of plant cells and tissues enabling the readers to understand the practical application of these techniques. Chapters like preparation of protoplasts, genetic engineering, micro-propagation, and preparation of haploid cell etc. play an important role in plant breeding programmes. These technique are employed to scale-up the production of desired plants. A wide range of biotechnological methods including tissue culture techniques, crypto conservation etc. are now utilized. Language used in this text is simple, straight-forward and easy understandable. It is helped that the book will be proved boon to the students involved in the tissue culture techniques.

Biotechnology of Plant Tissues

SKU: 9788183560733
  • P.R. Yadav
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