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Nature has varied forms of creation (plants & vegetation, fauna, insects, birds and microorganism etc.) if all these survive, living would be smooth for all the species on the earth. Thus biodiversity would mean that there is need for diverse biological varieties to co-exist without the threat of extinction. Thus, biodiversity would simply mean "varieties of species right to existence" it also would mean that no one has the right to threaten a species right to existence. Man being the homo sapiens should restrain from actions that would erode species but do everything to protect them from extinction. This will not only protect the environment but also enable smooth human survival as well. Thus all species are equally important for the sustenance for all human and sub-human species. Hence, there is an urgent need to strengthen the food chain of all living creatures with sustainable and judicious use.

Biodiversity and Ecology

SKU: 9789350561522
  • Ram Krishna Mandal
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