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The book Aquatic Biodiversity: Issues and Environment contains thirteen chapters in which fresh water, estuaries odean life described, all the living organisms, abiotic factors and environment from ecosystem. In ecosystem  organisms are interdependent with each other and form web, food chain etc. The flora and fauna vary according to the environmental condition of a particular place; because of the climatic changes, there is threat to biodiversity including microorganisms. The issues related to biodiversity, policies acts are described to conserve the aquatic biodiversity. The diversified environment, aquatic resources, feeding and reproductive ecology and diversity, evolution and adaptive radiations - diversity are the main features of the book. The degradation of environment and resources has been become very important due to urbanization and industrialization. Then how to conserve the biodiversity, the conservation methods are well illustrated in this book. While fish catching and keep them with all requirements. Actually, most of the biodiversity fishes found to be injured or died, this important issue has been well discussed in this book as a complete chapter. The knowledge given in this peace of work will be helpful to students, scientists, teachers, upgraded researchers, conservators, policies makers and the learned follows who interested in environmental and biodiversity studies and inclined towards its protection, preservation and conservation.

Aquatic Biodiversity: Issues and Environment

SKU: 9789350564066
  • Amita Saxena
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