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If we try to identify those contributions of computer science which will be long lasting, surely one of these will be the refinement of the concept called algorithm. I had written this book to aware students that this subject is so simple if they had little bit of interest and concentration.
I had written each and every unit with utmost concentration so that students can easily understand the concept; each and every step is explained in detail with out skipping any steps.
This subject mainly concentrates on the time and space complexity of the algorithms, which is analyzed in detail. I hope this book meets the expectations of the students. This book is written strictly according to the syllabus of JNTU (Hyderabad, Anathapur, Kakinada), but also can be used for SVU,ANU,BPUT Universities and Affiliated Colleges.
This book mainly concentrates on analyzing the algorithms, designing the algorithms and time complexity of algorithms.
A major portion of this book deal with the different design strategies, each and every strategy is explained in detail to meet the needs of the students.

Analysis and Design of Algorithms: A Strategic Approach

SKU: 9788183568722
  • Thulasi V. Bikku
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