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This book makes no pretence to be a complete textbook of Zoology. It has been written primarily for the student revising for a First Year Examination in Zoology. Therefore it aims at giving in a small compass the essential knowledge required for the First M.B., Intermediate Science, Agriculture and Horticulture Examinations. It also covers the syllabus for the Higher School Certificate Examinations.
The need of a cheaper book covering the systematic Zoology of the above curricula has long been felt, and this book is an attempt to satisfy that need. Hence, the student must remember that reference should be made to larger textbooks which treat the subject more fully and yet may be too expensive to buy for a First Examination. Teachers arid others interested in Zoology should find it an interesting and useful introduction to the subject.

An Introduction to Zoology

SKU: 9788171415120
  • H. Lister
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