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Description:- This book is about the study of microbes and the fundamental aspects of microorganisms and their relationship to agriculture. This essential and well-illustrated work is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of agriculture and biology, and it gives a comprehensive explanation of microorganisms. The book �Agricultural Microbiology� was written with a broad perspective in mind. This book was created with the diversity of the course�s study materials and the students� established on the basis of consideration. Plant-associated microorganisms and plant and animal illnesses are studied in agricultural microbiology. These actions have resulted in a significant amount of knowledge about sustainable farming as well as the potential for assessment. It is now possible to begin examining the strengths and shortcomings of conventional farming, assessing the extent to which its promises are confirmed, and suggesting methods to improve the sustainability and productivity of sustainable production. It is considered for organic farmers or a set of production and marketing advice. Instead, the assessments provide an objective and in-depth consideration of the issues raised. It also covers soil fertility microbiology, such as microbial decomposition of organic materials and soil nutrient conversions. This book covers all aspects of agricultural microbiology in detail and is illustrated throughout the text using tables, detailed figures, and images to help students remember and learn information.

Agricultural Microbiology

SKU: 9788195916900
  • Harsha Sharma

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