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Description:- An agricultural drainage system is a system by which the water level on or in the soil is controlled to enhance agricultural crop production. The aim of agricultural drainage is to remove excess water from the soil in order to enhance crop production. The research by scientists has proved that agricultural drainage improvement can help reduce the per year variability in crop production, which helps reduce the risks associated with the production of surplus, high quality, affordable food. Irrigation has a few other uses in crop production, which includes protecting plants against frost, suppressing weed growing in grain fields and helping in preventing soil consolidation. In contrast, agriculture that relies only on direct rainfall is referred to as rain-fed or dryland farming. This is a well researched, up-to-date and interesting book that has been written especially for Indian Studens.

Agricultural Drainage and Water Quality

SKU: 9789350562345
  • Anupam Pandey

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