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Contents:- The Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture, The Uruguay Round and Agriculture Reform, Opening Markets for Agriculture, The Future of Agricultural Trade, WTO Agricultural Negotiations, Developing Countries and the WTO Agricultural Negotiations, Export Subsidies, Market Access, The WTO is Born, The Marrakesh Declaration, What is the WTO?, Overview of WTO�s First Year, Overview of WTO�s First Two Years, The WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism, WTO Negotiations on Basic Telecommunications, New Agenda of the WTO, Beyond the Uruguay Round, The Uruguay Round, Developing Countries and the Uruguay Round, The WTO and the Developing Countries, The Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (Trips) Agreement and the Developing Countries, International Trade with the Consumer�s Money, �WTO Has Delivered�, Developing Countries After the Uruguay Round, Africa to Gain More, Defining the Singapore Message to WTO, Is Copyright on the Wrong Track?, Give Developing Countries A More Favourable Deal, High World Trade Growth Vs. Output, Winners and Losers, Trading Towards Peace, Trade and Labour Standards, Free Trade as Pacemaker, Population Growth and Grain Production, Population Growth and Cropland.

Agricultural Development and World Trade Organisations

SKU: 9788171419586
  • M.L. Narasaiah

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