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Description:- Acarology is the study of mites and ticks. These damage crops in every possible way and are obstacle to our agricultural and economic development Damage to crops is perhaps the most costly economic effect of mites, especially by the spider mites and their relatives (Tetranychoidea), earth mites (Penthaleidae), thread-footed mites (Tarsonemidae) and the gall and rust mites (Eriophyidae). Currently there are strong environmental and economic incentives for adopting alternative practices for weed management, such a integrated weed management (IWM). Integrated weed management may provide a more sustainable approach to crop production, reducing the reliance on external inputs that characterizes conventional agriculture. The study of entomology can provide interesting clues into the history of life on Earth, and it can also be used to make projections about the future

Agricultural Acarology

SKU: 9789350563168
  • S.R. Mishra

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