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Description:- Though there are considerable number of studies on scholastic achievement related to sociological and psychological factors at primary and secondary/high school level, very few studies were found particularly at college like B.Ed. college level. The present investigation is considered to strike at the combination of both socio-psychological factors in the prediction of scholastic/academic achievement of B.Ed. students. Another interesting feature observed was that majority of the studies in the area of scholastic/academic achievement confined to simple correlation analysis between predictor and criterion variables. Individual and cumulative effects of several independent factors on scholastic achievement could be assessed more accurately by employing regression analysis. Therefore, the main aim of the study was to predict the multiple effect of the independent factors on scholastic achievement of B.Ed. students and further to suggest suitable regression equations in the prediction of scholastic achievement of B.Ed. students. Several psycho-sociological factors may contribute to the scholastic achievement. The present book is aimed to identify the influence of certain psycho-sociological factors on scholastic achievement of B.Ed. students. The relevant data from 585 B.Ed. students were collected. It is just fitness of things to state that this book is prepared to meet the requirements of pre-service teachers and teacher educators

Achievement of B.Ed. Students

SKU: 9789350565858
  • C. Manchala

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