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Description:- Now-a-days many change are being witnessed in curriculum, teaching-learning strategies, institutional organisation, etc. It is pertinent to seek systematic and up-to-date information on the significant correlates of a student's achievement. The correlates are of utmost, theoretically and practically, important in developing curriculum and in designing educational programmes to suit to the needs of the students with varied backgrounds. Studies on the correlates of achievement, thus, need to be thoroughly examined. Attempt has been made to identify the role of the socio-economic status, educational aspirations and adjustment of the students besides the influence of educational institutions in determining the academic achievement. These have a significant positive influence on achievement, making a clear indication of their improvement. The parents, teachers and administrators have to look into these areas to enhance the academic achievement. The researchers are very closely associated with many educational institutions as teachers, founders and consultants. With their rich and varied experience, they have made valuable recommendations to improve the chronic problem-the underachievement. This book will serve the needs of curriculum designers, authors, researchers and teachers.

Achievement Correlates

SKU: 9788171413850
  • Author: L. Rathaiah

    Subject: Education

    ISBN: 9788171413850

    Binding: H.B

    1st Edition: 1997

    Reprinted: 2017

    Pages: 122

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